🤔 I like the pink on white more! 🔥

1 year ago today, an epic launch of handmade soaps, featuring unique designs that actually take good care of your skin. Happy New Year and Anniversary to Eunique Soaps LLC.
Soap is a big part of our life, a bigger reason you should try one, and get to know a little more about what goes into it. It can help you in many ways!
Completely natural with added essential oils, natural butters, and natural oils that change the benefits of the soap as well as the natural scent. Sometimes bath-safe colors, glitters or herbs that aid in this area are used to make it look more attractive. Nothing else is in there. Healthy skin, cared for with soaps free of chemicals will rebalance itself.

Nothing but pure, natural ingredients. Bringing in more love this year! ❤

  • Adelina