Feed your Skin with Love…

At Eunique Soaps, we believe in using all natural pure organic products to feed our skin.

The soaps we use to cleanse ourselves daily are part of our skin care routine whether it’s something we carefully think about or do mindlessly. Many of the regular commercial cleansing products out there, including soap bars, are full of chemicals and synthetic lathering agents that are harsh on the skin. In fact, many of these products are not indeed soap but detergents — aah the havoc of these chemicals on our skin!

The natural process of soap making is largely replaced with synthetics, artificial color, and chemicals you probably never heard of if you read the back labels. Many of these chemicals can be toxic to your skin with time. Our skin is porous and absorbent and for this reason it is as important to mindfully pick which products we use on our skin just as it is to choose what we eat. For the health conscious, taking care of our skin is taking care of our body. So not only are we what we eat but What We Wash With – hence what we use on our skin.

  • We make 100% pure, handmade, organic, all natural soap
  • REAL SOAP   w i t h o u t   t h e   h a r s h   c h e m i c a l s
  • Hypo – Allergenic, Non – Comedogenic

The mixture of organic coconut oil is rich in lauric acid making a firm, long-lasting bar with a wonderful lather. Pressed and Solvent Extracted so there is no trace of Hexane. All of the vegetable glycerin, a natural moisturizer produced during saponification, is retained in our soaps. The result is a soap that gently moisturizes the skin while you are bathing, often making lotion unnecessary. Also, our recipes are “superfatted,” meaning that there is extra fat worked in to produce a bar which creates a luxurious smoothness on the skin, leaving you looking and feeling gorgeous.


It all started with my sensitive skin, after having kids is what changed my skin, and finding a soap that my skin would tolerate was a constant struggle. All of them contained ingredients that made my skin red, itchy, swollen and look bad. But worst of all, it made me feel bad! I realized that if I wanted to have safe products and really know what ingredients were in the soaps I used, I was going to have to make them myself. Since I was home caring for a newborn, I spent hours researching ingredients and formulas online whenever possible, even took a class and eventually experimenting in my kitchen with making my own soap. After some truly epic failures, I created completely natural soap with nothing in it for myself that worked wonders. In a matter of one month, after purging the bad products and using my homemade soap, my skin cleared up and I was so happy. Right then, I knew I wanted to formulate and make all the soap my family and I will be putting on our bodies; because unfortunately, my second child inherited my sensitive skin. I learned how to create all natural soaps that could benefit others and that I am able to use amazing aromas of essential oils and colors and make them look pretty if they wanted me to, I was excited to share that so that’s how I decided to go all in and set out to create my own brand while also into fashion, see Eunique Styles. And as I was always into being creative and different from others, I began thinking of ways to expand with ideas that came to my imagination or soaps that I would see elsewhere and wanted to make my own version of it. It’s been an awesome journey now my skin is in its glory. It’s also incredibly rewarding to hear about and see positive results my soaps have had with customers as well. Join us, I have more ideas coming that I would like to show you. What you see in my shop are my main signature soaps with nothing else added, view the gallery for more of my custom work, and you can contact me for your exclusive unique soaps. Furthermore, I speak Spanish and do soap favors for events.

With love, Adelina Rodriguez

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