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1 year ago today, an epic launch of handmade soaps, featuring unique designs that actually take good care of your skin. Happy New Year and Anniversary to Eunique Soaps LLC.
Soap is a big part of our life, a bigger reason you should try one, and get to know a little more about what goes into it. It can help you in many ways!
Completely natural with added essential oils, natural butters, and natural oils that change the benefits of the soap as well as the natural scent. Sometimes bath-safe colors, glitters or herbs that aid in this area are used to make it look more attractive. Nothing else is in there. Healthy skin, cared for with soaps free of chemicals will rebalance itself.

Nothing but pure, natural ingredients. Bringing in more love this year! ❤

  • Adelina

Ombre style Christmas trees soaps!

We have all decorated our trees for Christmas!

These are decorated with glitter and layers of bronze to dark green, making a gradient layering style.

What a way to get into the holiday spirit with the aroma of freshly cut evergreen branches! Imagine walking into the forest with pine trees on either side of you and that wonderful brisk scent wafts through the air! It also contains spirulina, which is full of anti-oxidants, known to prevent and repair skin tissue damage.

It’s a great way to smell and shine like Christmas! Brings some more holidays into your house and also is great for your skin. Happy Holidays!!!

– Adelina

Thanksgiving is over so it’s officially Christmas season 🤩🎄

…we can now decorate our trees and shop while listening to Christmas music 🎼 yayyyy the holidays = the best time of the year! 🤗

– Adelina

Peppermint face and body wash!!!

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!! .
This minty face and body wash provides efficient soothing, healing and cooling that pampers and nourishes your skin.
Peppermint is a powerful antibacterial nutrient. One of the most delicious flavors of the season. Found in candy canes, cookies, and other delights, the peppermint essential oil in this brings both the holiday scent to your home and is also fantastic for boosting energy and promoting relaxation. Both of which are always needed around the holidays.
All-natural, moisturizing, cooling, refreshing, plus is very mild and leaves your skin visibly softer and deliciously clean.
Infused with organic peppermint oil.
Made with organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, organic hemp oil and organic jojoba oil.
No harsh chemicals!
Vegetarian and not animal tested.
Get an 8oz. FREE with any purchase.
And FREE Shipping!!
Limited time!
Valid until November 26, 2018 at 11:59pm.
Orders shipping outside the US may not be eligible; additional charges may apply. Offer may be discontinued at any time without notice.

– Adelina

…take a Soap Shot!! Not literally though.

When it’s the weekend and you need a shot because this weather is ruining your life and you’re thinking of your upcoming Thanksgiving weekend…

Made of coconut oil, coconut milk and honey.
Great for next week, inquire within. 😄😁🥃

– Adelina

Teddy bear soaps are nestled in small gift boxes with satin ribbons as souvenirs for this baby shower.

All blue for a special Baby Boy coming, it is the smallest things that can take up the most room in our heart. 💙

But is also perfect for stocking stuffers, other types of party favors, nice addition to children’s parties, gift exchanges or just for fun. Box, ribbon, shredded foiled paper and personalized label is included in price. Custom orders welcome. Additional quantities when needed and fragrances available. These have a fragrance compared to Johnson and Johnson baby lotion 😍 smells exactly the same. Please contact if you have a special fragrance in mind.

– Adelina

Vegan, with Dragonfly decor bar soaps!

Loving the texture of these Dragonfly Shapes!!!

They’re bubbly! We use only the finest ingredients, tolerated by most sensitive skin. There are no harsh detergents such as sodium laureth sulfate. Made of Oatmeal with Organic Honey, Goats Milk, & Organic Shea Butter. A light scent of Vanilla. Our fragrance oils do not contain phthalates or preservatives. The bars have been colored with a light green mica, labeled and shrink wrapped for safety.
Although many of my customers purchase my ornate soaps as gifts or for decoration, I urge you to try them on your skin. You will enjoy the pampering effect of this special formula. Don’t you deserve to be pampered?
When you want the very best 💕
Thank you for buying handmade!

– Adelina