Like when you have ice cold beers waiting for you because it’s Friday ???
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– Adelina

Last day to order in time for Father’s day!

Send him a message with a handmade soap from Eunique Soaps!
You can use the code “FD-2018” either way until Sunday to receive 25% off your order.

If you’d like one of these customized soaps, contact me by tonight and I can send it out to you tomorrow morning, $7.99 ??

– Adelina

Bringing in more soapy love…

Yes this wrench is made out of soap, but who bathes with a wrench? Lol be unique! ?
Father’s day is coming, use coupon code: FD-2018 for 25% off your order

– Adelina

Donut soaps!

?? mmm it smells like chocolate up in here! Buttered gingerbread donut soaps with chocolate sprinkles on top, like fresh baked donuts, without all the calories ———————— made from Eunique Soaps’ kitchen! ❤

– Adelina

Thor’s hammer soap!

This is for all you Thor fans out there!
It’s made of honey with a rusty brown coloring, resembling iron oxide but the real hammer is said to be made of metal uru.

It carries the inscription on it: “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” Be unique! ?

– Adelina