Glitter on soap!

Pictured are the Block Lettered Alphabet soaps that spells MOM – beautiful gift for a Mother!! A fun handmade gift inspiration for the best mom ever! The glitter is optional. We love glitter! We have several types, we have gold glitter as well, available for soap making if you prefer. Our biodegradable glitters are based on a regenerated cellulose made from eucalyptus trees, a sustainable raw material, sourced from responsibly managed plantations. It is used on top of soaps for a dramatic effect. She’ll love bathing with it!

Note: Can be made with any 3 letters, just contact us through our – Contact Page – to let us know which letters you’d like!

– Adelina

Who wants some massaging action?

They look so unique and beautiful ? —》 These are Avocado and Cucumber MASSAGE BARS.

– Adelina

Block Letter Soaps!!


Making these were so much fun! This one was personally made. Contact me to personalize yours. ❤

– Adelina

Packaging for your soaps.

When you buy one soap, or two, or three….or in bulk. Free shipping!

I usually use wax paper bags for all full size soaps to keep a more natural look to my packaging.

*Basically, what I do in this case is treat the bar of soap like a present that needs to be wrapped. I wrap each bar and simply finish it off with our freshly printed Kraft paper labels to hold everything together, it allows people to see the soap colors through the wax paper – a great touch!


3 sample sizes going in the bag! Custom order for a customer. Contact me if you’d like to buy samples instead. $2 each but is not free shipping!

I will normally insert a sample size in a clear shrink bag. 100% linen material bags when it can be used – Fits 1 to 3 sample sizes or 1 full size soap.

*I shrink wrap around the bars as soon as they’re ready, shrink them and then just cut off the excess at the end. This method might take a little more time but it covers up the whole bar while still allowing all of its visual characteristics to show through.

– Adelina

There’s a toy inside these extra clear soaps.


A unicorn for her. And a dinosaur for him.

Made this surprise for my kids and the smiles on their faces are worth it ❤?

– Adelina

Coffee anyone?


Made with Coconut Oil, Honey, Buttermilk, Oatmeal, Calendula Extract, and Ground Coffee.

Ahhhh an irresistible aroma early in the day! ?
Really thinking of bringing this in…what do you think, yay or nay? Contact me.

– Adelina