Ombre style Christmas trees soaps!

We have all decorated our trees for Christmas!

These are decorated with glitter and layers of bronze to dark green, making a gradient layering style.

What a way to get into the holiday spirit with the aroma of freshly cut evergreen branches! Imagine walking into the forest with pine trees on either side of you and that wonderful brisk scent wafts through the air! It also contains spirulina, which is full of anti-oxidants, known to prevent and repair skin tissue damage.

It’s a great way to smell and shine like Christmas! Brings some more holidays into your house and also is great for your skin. Happy Holidays!!!

– Adelina

Thanksgiving is over so it’s officially Christmas season 🤩🎄

…we can now decorate our trees and shop while listening to Christmas music 🎼 yayyyy the holidays = the best time of the year! 🤗

– Adelina

Handmade Natural Soaps

What goes into making a handmade natural soap is different from a commercial soap. It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters. Small batches are made with great care. People who have a passion for making natural products consider it as a labor of love and not something they make just to profit. It’s an art that takes years to perfect.
These are created following a saponification process which occurs when oils and fats are mixed with sodium hydroxide and water. The end result is a safe and gentle product that’s perfect for the skin.
Commercials are enticing, but they aren’t the truth, they are just a mixture of chemicals and additives.
In Eunique Soaps, what you see is what you get. There are no unnecessary ingredients and no chemicals that would be harmful to your skin.

– Adelina

Lavender loofah soap bars!

The sponge like fibers are used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation is an important ritual to remove dry, dead skin cells and promote circulation.

Moisturizes the skin with a rich lather. Made by hand in small batches for optimum fragrance. Each bar is shrink-wrapped, great for gift giving.

– Adelina

Blueberry pie with white foaming bath whip and elegant white sugar pearls on top

Leaves a clean, soft and moisturized feel to skin.
Feed your skin with love 💕

– Adelina

Grape Jam with 2 Croissants on the menu for this evening 😋🥐

…let’s not eat that.

– Adelina

Meet Australian Bliss, in liquid form

Some people prefer liquid body wash.
A gentle mix of Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera.
Tea tree oil contains some pretty impressive antibacterial properties, it destroys bacteria while offering soothing qualities.
Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, E and B12 – these vitamins are age-defying, helping to prevent wrinkling of the skin, and fight inflammation that helps slow the growth of aging cells.
Coconut oil is loaded with antibacterial properties and when blended with Tea Tree oil and Aloe Vera, it makes for an amazing skin healer!

– Adelina


The soap you use when you shower not only affects your skin, it also affects your mood. This lavender soap is made from the aromatic lavender herb, a herb that is popular for its numerous health benefits.
The fresh, floral has a sweet natural scent of lavender – has a calming effect on the body and can even be used to treat stress, depression and anxiety. In addition, lavender oil helps to treat cuts, wounds and insect bites. These soaps are ideal for bubble baths.
Like lavender?
Contact to inquire! 😘

– Adelina

It’s eye-opening!

Had to share that never realized these words spelled this before. So true! ?

– Adelina

Small and Cute 1.5oz. Wonder Woman soap in celebration of Mom

– yours free with any order! We want to help you tell a Mom she is special, wow mom… She is a superhero!
Use the code “MD-2018” to save 30% on your purchase. Create a custom collection of products from our line here at Eunique Soaps! Offer expires at midnight on Monday, May 14th.

– Adelina